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SZKANI - Basketball Knee Pads

Updated: Feb 26

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The reviews for these Basketball Knee Pads vary widely, offering a comprehensive perspective on their performance. One reviewer highlights the durability and reliability of the product, emphasizing their suitability for extended wear during wrestling tournaments. The individual securement of each piece on the kneepad ensures they stay in place, even during rigorous activities. Another parent lauds the knee pads for their effectiveness in protecting their child's knees during basketball games, noting that they've gone through multiple pairs due to the rough nature of the sport. Despite the challenges of seventh-grade girls' basketball, these knee pads outperform others in terms of longevity and stability.

However, not all feedback is positive. One user mentions a potential drawback—the padding may not be thick enough to shield against concrete. Additionally, they point out an issue with the rubber that holds the sleeve in place, causing itching and burning during use. Another user expresses dissatisfaction with the elastic's durability, stating that it loses its stretch after a few uses, rendering the knee pads useless. They suggest that these may be a better fit for those seeking a short-term solution, prompting them to explore alternatives from different manufacturers.

On a positive note, a parent provides valuable information about the fit of the knee pads, assuring potential buyers that they accommodate a wide range of sizes. They specifically mention a good fit for their 52-pound 8-year-old, and the fact that they stay securely in place on his skinny legs, with potential for stretching to accommodate larger legs if necessary. Overall, these knee pads seem to have their strengths, particularly in terms of comfort and fit, but potential buyers should consider the varying experiences regarding durability and suitability for different activities.

Get the here on Amazon:


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