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BAUERFEIND Basketball Knee Pads

Updated: Feb 26

Get your Basketball Knee Pads HERE on Amazon:

BAUERFEIND Basketball Knee Pad

The reviews for these Basketball Knee Pads are overwhelmingly positive, highlighting their effectiveness in providing support and comfort.

One user expresses extreme satisfaction, stating that the knee pad offers the most support they have ever felt in a brace, and it feels custom-made for their knee. They highly recommend it, even mentioning the endorsement by the NBA as a testament to its quality. This endorsement adds credibility to the product's efficacy, especially for those engaging in high-impact activities like basketball.

Another user offers a practical tip, noting that the knee pad is firm on the knee but recommends adjusting the size based on measurements for optimal comfort. This advice underlines the importance of proper sizing to maximize the benefits of the knee pad. The emphasis on sizing adjustments suggests a commitment to user satisfaction.

A user who has been using the knee pad since 2017 attests to the item's quality and the satisfaction derived from the brand. The long-term use without issues indicates the durability and reliability of the product, enhancing the credibility of the brand.

Multiple users mention the positive impact of the knee pad on their knee health after engaging in sports activities. One user specifically notes that their knees feel much better after basketball games, showcasing the brace's effectiveness in mitigating the impact of physical activities on the knees.

Practical considerations such as fast shipping and ease of care are also highlighted. A user with chronic knee problems emphasizes the comfort of the brace, allowing them to engage in various activities for extended periods without discomfort. The mention of the brace's machine-washable feature adds convenience to its positive attributes.

In summary, these Basketball Knee Pads receive high praise for their support, comfort, and durability. Practical advice on sizing and the endorsement by the NBA contribute to the positive image of the product. Users with chronic knee problems highlight the brace's role in facilitating a range of activities and its ease of maintenance. Overall, these reviews emphasize the efficacy and satisfaction derived from the use of these knee braces.

Get them HERE on Amazon:


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