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HiRui Basketball Knee Pads

Updated: Feb 26

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HiRui Basketball Knee Pads

The consensus on these Basketball Knee Pads is generally positive, with users highlighting their effectiveness in various physically demanding activities. One user, an Ironworker in Seattle, commends the knee pads after wearing them for two months, emphasizing their role in saving his knees and making his workday more comfortable. Their endorsement is significant, given the demanding nature of their profession. The durability and functionality of the knee pads are particularly crucial in a trade where tools and gear are rigorously tested, and the user plans to purchase another set, indicating their satisfaction.

In the context of wrestling, a parent praises the fit of the knee pads for their 7-year-old, expressing satisfaction with the added confidence it brings to their child's movements while preventing knee discomfort. However, they haven't tested the product through washing yet, highlighting a potential concern about material durability after laundering.

A parent with an active basketball-playing daughter recognizes the necessity of knee protection due to frequent contact with the floor. While acknowledging that the knee pads tend to tear by the end of the year, they justify the annual purchase as worthwhile, especially considering the child's growth. This perspective suggests that the knee pads are effective in providing necessary protection but may have a limited lifespan, especially in high-impact sports.

Another parent, this time with a 10-year-old son in basketball, also praises the knee pads for boosting their child's confidence. They provide a valuable insight regarding sizing, noting that ordering a size too big resulted in sliding issues, but the smaller size offered a perfect fit for their tall and thin son.

In summary, these Basketball Knee Pads seem to be effective in various physically demanding activities, with positive feedback regarding knee protection and confidence-building. However, potential buyers should consider the reported wear and tear over time and ensure the correct sizing to avoid fit-related issues.

Get them HERE on Amazon:


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