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McDavid Hex Basketball Knee Pads

Updated: Feb 28

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McDavid Hex Knee Pads

The consensus on these basketball knee pads appears to be positive, with users highlighting various aspects of their performance. One reviewer praises the knee pads for a perfect fit, emphasizing the thickness of the padding and the overall comfort they provide. The reassurance of a comfortable fit is further echoed by another user, who appreciates the excellent quality and specifically notes the knee pads' suitability for playing basketball.

However, not all experiences are uniform, as one reviewer points out that the knee pads run small. This potential sizing issue could be a consideration for those looking to purchase them. On the durability front, opinions are mixed. While some users express satisfaction with the durability and padding, one reviewer experiences issues with easy tearing. Despite this drawback, they find the knee pads valuable enough to invest in Gore-Tex patches to cover the holes, indicating a commitment to making them work.

A unique use case is highlighted by a parent whose daughter is both involved in basketball and modeling. They commend the knee pads for effectively protecting their daughter's kneecaps, suggesting a versatile application for those engaged in multiple activities. Lastly, a user on their second pair praises the fit and protective qualities, particularly during activities that involve speeding up. Their positive experience is emphasized by the aesthetic appeal and overall comfort provided by the knee pads.

In summary, these Basketball Knee Pads seem to offer a mix of positive attributes, including a comfortable fit, good quality, and protective features. However, potential buyers should be aware of the sizing issue mentioned by some users and the reported tendency to rip easily in certain circumstances.

Get them here at Amazon:


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