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Mizuno T10 Plus - Volleyball Knee pad

Updated: Feb 26

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Mizuno T10 Plus - Volleyball Knee pad

Standing at 5'4" and around 140 lbs, a reviewer with average to medium-sized knee circumferences shared positive sentiments about the fit of these knee pads. The unanimous agreement was that the fit was unexpectedly perfect, allowing for a comfortable and secure experience during various activities, from sports games to DIY projects. Users noted that the knee pads stayed in place, avoiding any discomfort, and were easy to put on and take off, even accommodating additional knee braces like the DonJoy.

Reviewers drawing comparisons with other brands, particularly Wilson, highlighted the superior comfort and construction of these knee pads. Those with years of experience stocking freight on a grocery night crew found this brand to be more comfortable, though there's a collective anticipation to see if the new brand matches the longevity of the previous one over time.

Beyond adult use, positive feedback extended to parents who purchased these knee pads for their younger athletes, particularly a 9-year-old volleyball player. The snug fit and overall comfort were lauded, with a unanimous recommendation for parents seeking reliable and comfortable protective gear for their children.

Reviewers with thicker thighs noted the brand's consideration for diverse body types. The suggestion that the adult size might be better suited for leaner individuals showcases an awareness of the need for varied sizing options to ensure a comfortable fit for all users.

The collective sentiment from other reviewers reinforces the brand's reputation for

versatility, comfort, and functionality. The consensus is that these knee pads offer excellent coverage, surpassing competitors of similar pricing in terms of padding and durability. The absence of disappointment and overall satisfaction echoes throughout the reviews, making these knee pads a commendable choice for a diverse user base.

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