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Demon Enduro Best Mtb Knee Pads

Updated: Feb 26

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One of the Best Mtb Knee Pads on the market.

Demon Enduro

These knee pads have exceeded expectations, enduring wash cycles and crashes on the trail with surprising resilience. The comfort factor shines through, especially during uphill pedaling, offering a bit of relief when tackling downhill descents. While the padding is described as basic, it serves its purpose by providing protection where it matters most. The minimal weight and negligible pedaling resistance make them an excellent choice for trail enthusiasts who want to forget they're even wearing knee pads while shredding.

However, some trade-offs become apparent in detailed user experiences. Despite being budget-friendly, the fabric's thickness can lead to warmth, making them less comfortable for extended rides in hotter climates like Arizona. Users noted bunching behind the knees when riding with the seat down, and the inner fabric and stitching were deemed a bit rough on the skin.

Sizing considerations emerge as a crucial aspect, with some users experiencing discomfort due to tightness around the calves or a loose fit on the top. Despite these concerns, riders appreciate the knee pads staying securely in place, especially during cross-country rides, offering just enough protection for occasional spills.

In conclusion, these knee pads present an attractive option for riders on a budget, offering a commendable balance of comfort and sturdiness. While sizing and fabric comfort may vary from user to user, the overall sentiment is positive, making them a worthwhile choice for those seeking reliable knee protection without breaking the bank. One of the Best Mtb Knee Pads on the market.

Get them now on Amazon:


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